Targeted Community Radon Testing: Results And Impact On Mitigations Performed by Kevin Stewart

Kevin M. Stewart
American Lung Association
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania


After identification of Pennsylvania municipalities where previous radon test results had indicated that some significantly elevated concentrations could be expected among further tests, short-term activated-carbon radon test kits were provided to residents in 31 selected municipalities, which yielded approximately 11,500 test results over a four-year period.  This report describes that program, its scale and scope, findings of high results, sample means, distribution by level classes, and comparison by residence floor.  Comparison of rates at which mitigations were carried out in test-program communities and in non-targeted neighboring control communities found that mitigation rates increased during post-testing periods of up to one year by approximately 25% over those during the pre-testing periods of about one year. Implications for positive impacts on measurable outcomes are analyzed and discussed.

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