Measurements Of Natural Radioactivity At The Environmental Preservation Area Of Passaúna River, Brazil By Aline C.Martin

Aline C. Martin¹, Sergei A. Paschuk*¹, Janine N. Correa¹, Isabelle C. Araujo¹, Oderson Souza Filho²
¹ Federal University of Technology – Parana
² Center for Technol. Dev., Geological Survey of Brazil
Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil


Understanding the distribution and occurrence of radionuclides concentrations is relevant for the quality of life of the local population. This research is focused on characterizing the natural (background) radioactivity measurements in an environmental preservation region of the Passaúna River, at the edge of the Curitiba urban area in the state of Paraná, Brazil. A survey was conducted to measure radionuclides concentration in the soil, lake waters and well waters. Radium and radon measurements were recorded with the portable radon monitor Alphaguard and accessories. The results revealed values that were above the limit established by national and international regulatory standards in soil and waters

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