Earn Category-I continuing education credits while in Denver:

Pre-symposium Category-I continuing education credit courses are offered on Sunday, for an additional fee.

Opportunities to receive Category-I and Category-II credit are offered on Monday and Tuesday, free for registered attendees.

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8 Hour Courses

Radon Measurement in Schools and Large Buildings

Audience: Building and HVAC designers; school officials and large building managers; testing professionals/ mitigators

Instructors: Spruce Environmental Technologies
8 Hours: 8 Cat I CEU

Large buildings are as equally susceptible to elevated radon as homes. Their pressure differentials and air flows are often so complex that it is difficult to evaluate and fix a radon problem. This 8 hour class will provide an introduction to participants of some of the dynamics that influence radon entry in larger buildings and how those may fluctuate with use, HVAC changes and construction. Based on those dynamics, the basics of proper measurement will be outlined with the justifications for the procedures. Mitigation of large buildings can be so complicated this course can only suggest areas where practitioners must be especially attentive to radon entry pathways and forces. These lessons are important for building design as radon prevention is more effective than retrofit reduction. Follows the new AARST/ANSI standard REGISTER

Advanced Diagnostics and Optimal Mitigation

Audience: Mitigators

Instructors: Bruce Snead, Chad Robinson
8 Hours: 8 Cat I CEU

This will be an 8 hour version of KSU-228, a highly interactive course designed to help radon mitigation professionals develop and strengthen diagnostic techniques as well as build confidence to overcome barriers for successful radon reduction. This course will build on track II technical sessions offered at the last two symposiums which were demonstrations, but doing them in an 8 hour version will enable attendee participation and practice. Anticipated activity stations will include – airflow measurements, blower door HRV sizing measurements, PFE measurements, fan performance measurements, and air pressure demonstration house exercises. Attendees will also be asked to bring challenging diagnostic case studies and any diagnostic tools they want to use/share. REGISTER

4 Hour Measurement Courses

Business Tune-up: Staff Training, Media and Promotions

Audience: Measurement & Mitigation

Instructors: Brian Hanson & Kristina Snyder MURC-KSU
4 Hours: 4 Cat I CEU

This will be a 4-hour, highly interactive course designed to help radon professionals think critically about and review basic marketing principles, introductory training in radonfor professional staff,community outreach, and promotion of the company through online advertising and social media. The 4-hour course will require attendee participation through worksheets and discussion covering market segmentation in radon, building a company FAQ on radon for customer communication, basics of social media outreach,design of simple online advertisements, and setting online advertising budget and display parameters. REGISTER

Understanding Radon Testing Quality Assurance

Audience: Measurement

Instructor: Rebecca Turek , Bowser-Morner Laboratories
4 Hour: 4 Cat I CEU

This course will illustrate:

  • Equipment and required QA and maintenance for each type
  • Calibration: when is it needed, WHY is it important, what it is
  • The difference between performance testing and spiking, what is required of the tester
  • How to troubleshoot performance testing and spike results that are unexpected
  • Understanding the most common errors that are made by testers
  • Understanding uncertainty
  • Understanding calibration and correction factors
  • Understanding percent error
  • Understanding EPA average v overall, why the difference matters
  • Understanding the nature of radioactive decay and its implications for radon testing
  • Group discussions for sharing solutions to problems testers encounter
  • A review of the most frequently asked questions I receive
  • To address the most common misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding strategy for testing and QA


4 Hour Mitigation Courses

Radon Fans

Audience: Mitigators

Instructor: Spruce Environmental Technologies
4 Hour: 4 Cat I CEU

Choosing the right fan is one of the toughest decisions mitigators face. Questions frequently arise as mitigators try to make that decision in the field. This course demystifies the variety of fans available, taking the guesswork out of the decision making process by giving mitigators tools to make the best fan choice, and answers those FAQ’s. This course is based on reducing radon, minimizing energy penalties and properly sizing a fan for any system design that requires a fan. REGISTER

QAQC for Mitigation Professionals

Audience: Mitigators

Instructor: Spruce Environmental Technologies
4 Hours: 4 Cat I CEU

An introductory course for Mitigation professionals to understand what goes into a quality assurance plan for mitigation companies including, writing a thorough SOP, Worker Health and Safety plans, Quality Controls and Documentation Requirements. They will also receive guidance on OM&M information to ensure long term health of the client/s. The students should leave with a good understanding of how to write their own QAP (a soon requirement for NRPP certified professionals) REGISTER