Compartmentalized Radon Mitigation And IAQ Enhancement Fresh Air Retrofit In High And Low Rise Multihousing By Wayne Dean, JD

Wayne Dean, JD
SmartVentilation, Inc.
Fort Myers, Florida USA


Until recently, ventilation in multihousing has generally been by exhaust fan operation. The source of replacement (fresh) air was of little apparent concern. As a result, replacement (ventilation) air (often radon-rich) was sourced from building cavities of unknown location and contaminant levels, and through unknown and unconsidered pathways. A retrofit fresh air delivery alternative consists of a port ored from indoors through an exterior wall using a special boring rig, an easily removable ventilation/filtration module, and a controller sensing indoor temperature and relative humidity to control operation or speed control of the ventilation/filtration module, to maintain temperature and humidity comfort regardless of outdoor conditions. Multihousing dwellings are generally compartmentalized so fresh air delivery in such manner can provide a reliable source/quantity of suitable filtered fresh air to mitigate/maintain low radon, CO2 and particulate levels as well as increased oxygen within the unit’s breathing zone.

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