2019 Speakers’ Slides

Speakers: Chrystine Kelley, Dallas JonesWelcome 
Speaker: Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet, CO House of RepresentativesRadon Policy Briefing – Colorado Legislature
Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Samet, MD, MSRadon: A Look Back and a Look Forward
Speaker: Sara JensenPolicy Update from HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing 
Speaker: Richelle ToltonRadon Locally and Globally
Speakers: Rachael Drazen-Malmberg, Jackie Nixon, Jan PoulsenRadon Induced Lung Cancer: Survivors’ Stories 
Speakers: David Smith, David Daniels, Dan HyllandMitigator-Builder Partnerships
Speaker: Josh KerberHouses from Heck 
Speaker: Mike KittoPreliminary Results from the Multifamily Testing Protocol Study
Speakers: Michele Monti, Eric BrownBuilding National Radon Database Progress Report
Speaker: Dallas JonesNRPP Compliance Solutions 
Speaker: Angela TinTwo Truths and One Lie – 800 Line Phone Calls from IL, IA and IN
Speaker: David KapturowskiPRACTICE AND POLICY Radon in Building Codes Progress Report
Speaker: Pam WarkentinSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Radon in Canada – Protecting Canadians in their Indoor Environment 
Moderator: Crystal Lytle Speaker: Jay HicksPRACTICE AND POLICY Colorado’s Sunrise Process
Speaker: William BrodheadSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Diagnostics Before and After Radon Mitigation
Speakers: Terry Kerwin, Shad Evans, Andy KelleyPRACTICE AND POLICY Business Management: A Panel Discussion Moderator: Tony McDonald
Speaker: Leo MoormanSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Case Study: Ft. Collins Consequences of Improper Testing During a Real Estate Transaction, Difficult-to-Mitigate House
Speaker: Uttam SahaSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Accuracy and Precision in Measurement of Radon in Water by Liquid Scintillation Counting
Speaker: Jill NewtonPRACTICE AND POLICY The Science behind Your Device
Speaker: Clay HardwickSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Transforming Public Health Systems to Integrate Radon and Tobacco Control
Speaker: Mary Kay Rayens, PhDSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Youth as Citizen Scientists to Promote Home Radon Testing in Appalachia
Speakers: Sara Jensen, Kyle HoylmanPRACTICE AND POLICY HUD Policy Meets the Field: Round Table 
Speaker: Prof. Dobromir PressyanovSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Highly Sensitive Passive Detectors for Short-Term Pre- and Post- Mitigation Measurements
Speaker: Jessica MaloneySCIENCE AND RESEARCH Wisconsin Fish Hatchery and Occupational Radon Exposure
Speaker: Shavaun CotterPRACTICE AND POLICY Radon from the Consultant’s Perspective 
Speakers: Chad Robinson, Josh Kerber, John Seidel, Jesse GreenPRACTICE AND POLICY Mitigation Tips and Tricks 
Speaker: Nicholas ConleySCIENCE AND RESEARCH Seasonality, Weather Conditions and Indoor Short-Term Radon Measurements
Speaker: Lisa GregorySCIENCE AND RESEARCH Radon Decay Products: Particle Size Really Matters…or Does It?
Speaker: Jan ComptonPRACTICE AND POLICY Tennessee Radon Program Features Triple-Project Approach to Expand Outreach
Speakers: Kyle Hoylman, Wally Dorsey, George SchambachPRACTICE AND POLICY Case Studies: Certification Policy Changes in the Air
Speaker: Mike KittoSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Summary of the AARST Protocol for the Collection, Transfer and Measurement of Radon in Water
Speaker: Melinda Ronca-BattistaPRACTICE AND POLICY MS-QA Standard: The Final ANSI-AARST Publication 
Speaker: Anne-Marie NicolPRACTICE AND POLICY History of Radon
Speaker: Lawrence WelchSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Correlating Radon Activity with Carbon Dioxide Concentration in an Iowa Cave
Speakers: Matt Koch, Brent UlbertPRACTICE AND POLICY Not Your Standard Trivia Challenge (or is it)? 
Speaker: Wayne DeanSCIENCE AND RESEARCH A Radon Extraction System Retrofit for High and Low Rise Multifamily
Speaker: Megan DeMastersPRACTICE AND POLICY One City’s Story: Ft. Collins Much to do About Radon: A Local Initiative
Speaker: Wayne DeanSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Compartmentalized Radon Mitigation and IAQ Enhancement Fresh Air Retrofit in High and Low Rise Multihousing
Speaker: Doug KladderPRACTICE AND POLICY Are You Nuts?
Speaker: Kevin StewartSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Targeted Community Radon Testing: Results and Impact on Mitigations Performed
Speakers: Dawn Coffee, Gail OrcuttPRACTICE AND POLICY School Testing Policy Progress: – IA and IN Moderator: Jane Malone
Speaker: Mallory NeyensPRACTICE AND POLICY OSHA Silica Safety
Speaker: Henry SchuverSCIENCE AND RESEARCH Radon and Chemical Soil Gas/Vapor Intrusion – Update on Testing Associations
Speaker: David GillaySCIENCE AND RESEARCH Radon and Chemical Vapor Intrusion: Legal and Liability Issues
Speaker: Nate BurdenPRACTICE AND POLICY Personal Protective Equipment for Radon Professionals